Area Of Work
All type of Yarn Spinning, Texturising & its supply to Domestic as well as export Markets.
Nim Shirgaon, Tal. Shirol, Dist. Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
Product Offerings
25000 spindles with fully Auto Linked Coned Lakshmi Rieter & Murata line with Sussan compact spinning system, 400 MT/Month capacity, count range is from 32sKW, 40sCW. 40sCombCompact, 60scomb Compact , 50sCH, 60sCH etc. are the regular counts we do for Weaving & Knitting applications
From Process we offer - Various kinds of cotton, PV/PC yarns, fabric for Uniforms, Furnishings, Technical Textiles, School Uniforms, Garmenting, Dhoti, Saree, Lungis, and others.
Lakshmi Rieter line with Sussan Compact Spinning Systems , & various shuttle and shuttle less looms with sizing inhouse. Draw Texturising: Himson.
Raw Material
The basic raw material yarn is sourced from In-house, & various spinning mills across India according to the requirement.
From Cotton Spinning Division We do Yarns supply to all reputed Composite Mills, Corporate Groups, Merchant exporters in India as well as we supply our Cotton Yarns to Overseas Market too.