The Journey started with cotton yarn trading, way back in 1944 by an enterprising businessman late Shri Dagdulal Marda ji , has now become a voyage in 21st century with their further generations. Today, the "Arvind Group" has become one of the leading player in the Textile Market. Starting from Cotton Spinning up to Garments. We supply our 100% Cotton , PC, PV Yarns , Grey Fabrics, Dyed Fabrics, Uniform Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, Garments to all over India & Exploring these all products to world markets .

The group companies are

Arvind Cotsyn (I) Ltd. -All Type of PV, PC & Cotton Yarn Spinning, Fabric Manufacturing & Processing of Fabric under the title of Composite Mills.
Arvind Dyeing & Bleaching Mills Pvt. Ltd. All Type of PV, PC & Cotton Yarn Spinning, Texturising of Yarn, Fabric Manufacturing, Processing & Marketing of Fabric under the title of Composite Mills.
Arvind Universal Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Fabric Manufacturing & Marketing Division

The global urge of power for house hold and industrial use is increasing day by day and India is not exception for the case. Growth in the power generation is giving birth to serious issues like global warming and pollution. To contribute in the prevention of these issues, we have to come forward and generate the power through green and non polluting power sources. What can better than the wind power? We have already entered into wind power sector. As one of the prominent and rapidly growing group in the country, we understand and feel our corporate responsibility towards the society. In view to accomplish and execute our social missions we have formed a foundation. The name of the trust is famously known and it's Shri Dagdulal Marda Charitable & Research Foundation. Currently the foundation's R&D team is researching on Organic cotton.